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[My cool, written in third person bio I had someone create for me]

is a search engine optimization specialist who focuses on organic search engine tactics. Former founder of a fiber optic ISP, she now runs her own company, Bear Canyon Consulting, LLC. Keli has created nationally featured Web sites and Ecommerce sites since 1997 and her work has been featured in publications such as PC Magazine, Parade Magazine and APC Currents magazine, just to name a few. She started concentrating on search engine optimization in 1997 and uses her master’s degree in mathematics to get her clients top rankings in the search engines.

Her endeavors include starting and managing the SEO unit for one of the biggest online attorney directories, including overseeing the optimization and design of over 2000 nationwide attorney Web sites. She also co-founded an ISP in the mid 1990’s being one of the first homes in America to have fiber optics laid (24 strands of single mode to be exact).

Keli’s biggest projects to date are daughter Sage and son Seven (the plant and the Integer), both future UNIX system administrators.

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