Been Dazed & Confused about GA, but not anymore!

Actually I’ve been doing pretty good with GA since I started using it about a year ago. I’ve created my own dashboards thanks to a tutorial/article by Jill Whalen. I’ve read a lot of information and can finally do a lot of amazing things with GA not only for myself but for my clients. It’s nice to finally use a metrics package on an ECommerce site – joy!

But today I found a period chart of the elements regarding GA. Too cool! Much like the one SEL put out years ago regarding SEO (and they constantly update it), it’s simply amazing.

It was made and published by a certified GA expert by the name of Jeff Sauer @ Jeffalytics. The GA elements have been split into four main categories: Product, Metrics, Reports, and Features. I’m hoping to squeeze more info into my automatically generated reports that are sent out by GA to my clients.

Here’s the one for SEO by SEL.

Such good information! I have so much to do but will probably spend the next hour just absorbing all the information it has.

Here is the full article.

Periodic Table of Google Analytics

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