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Blogging… oh the joy. I’m not much of a writer, I’d rather do anything else than write. Funny how that with my career the MOST important part is the writing as Google ONLY see’s text. I have a bit of a problem here don’t I? THANK YOU SEO COPYWRITING DEPARTMENT – I LOVE YOU ALL!

What’s funny is that I have many blogs; both personal and business. I’ve been blogging for my children since 2004 (goodbye baby book and hello lazy mom baby book! – I shouldn’t really say that [lazy] as it’s a bit more work, involves some tech know-how and lends to wonderful things such as video, daily writing made easy, growth charts – oh so many plugins!) I also have a recipe site area on my site that’s for personal and family use. When learning WP I thought… “why not turn my recipes into a blog? That’ll be a nice and easy project!” Well it is… I just forgot to add the word *LONG* to that description; I have THREE recipes up – whoo hoo! 😐 Around 2002 my book marks grew so big I decided to make a “living bookmark site”… it too was a site I rebuilt in order to learn WP. While I don’t like the look of my resources for Web designers blog, I do like what it’s done for me since putting it on WP; made it easier for me to maintain.

WordPress is THE way to go when you decide to really give it a go. It’s the best.

Wow… did I get off track or what?


So yes blogging can benefit you in many ways, lending credibility to your brand, allowing you to engage directly with your clients, feature new products/services, help with your search engine optimization efforts and much more… On my travels I’ve found some COOL articles about blogging [wonderful content ideas, awesome WordPress plugins, SEO tactics]… so here they come!

Blogging Articles

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