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Work & Life Balance – Working from Home Tips

One of my most excellent clients Joel Garfinkle, a Job Coach, has been helping me with the transition of working from home vs. working out of the home. I used to do 6 hours out of the house, the rest at home. He’s given me some Work Balance Tips which are some great pointers although I can’t do them overnight, he said my goal is to try to implement a few at a time… it’s a life style change, like a DIEt. Look at it as something that benefits YOU and YOUR WORK and YOUR FAMILY. My jaw dropped as I can’t fathom doing all these things hence him reassuring me I should adopt a few at a time. It’s a great list and makes sense. Hopefully it will help others.
Work Balance

¨ Time off: Take one day off a month

¨ Weekend: No computer, email, cell phone (related to work) on weekend.

¨ Vacations: Schedule two vacations.

¨ Block time: Schedule time for family, friends and partner.

¨ Breaks: Take two scheduled breaks a day.

¨ Hours: Work no more than 40hrs each week

¨ Cell phone: Turn off the cell phone (Blackberry) at 5:30pm.

¨ Exercise: Exercise four days a week.

¨ Home: Work from home two days a week

¨ Lunch break: Have lunch away from desk.

¨ End work: Finish work at 5:30.

¨ Start work: Start work at 9:30am

¨ Meditate: Spend 10 to 15 minutes each work day in quiet contemplation.

¨ Computer: Stop using the computer at 5:30pm (no email at night).

¨ Read: Read one non-work-related book or magazine for each work-related publication you read.

¨ Fun/play: Make time for fun/play (even during work week).

¨ Comp time: If put in more hours a few days, take the time off on another work day.

27 Things That Help and Hurt SEO

Let’s look at the common things, many of which are often overlooked or shortcuts taken.

What to pay attention to:

Title tags
Meta Descriptions
Clean URLs
Images and Alt descriptions (also called alt tags)
H1 tags
Social sharing options
Unique content
Depth of content
Matching content type to visitor expectations (text, images, video, etc.)
Usability Page load times (to a certain point – faster is great, but not at the expense of usability and usefulness)
Crawlability (AKA discoverability, so can we actually get to all your content)
News – if you are actually a new site, submit for inclusion

What to skip:

Meta Keywords (fill them in if you like, keep it short and relevant, but not a big ranking factor)
Duplicate URLs
Overly long URLs (no set number, but you’ve all seen these)
Cloaking (comes down to your intent, but risky business for sure)
Link buying
Selling links
Link and link farms
Three way links
Duplication content
Auto following in social media

Full post in the Bing Webmaster blog.

The “Violent” Changes this year in Google

This can be found on David Naylors site. Great list:

January 18th – Panda 3.2
January 19th –“Top heavy” – sites devalued
March 21st – Unnatural Link Warnings in WMT, followed by ranking drops
March 23rd – Panda 3.4 – announced by Twitter, 1.6% queries
April 19th – Panda 3.5
April 24th – Penguin – over optimization penalty, bad links
April 27th – Panda 3.6
May 25th Penguin 2
June 8th Panda 3.7
June 25th Panda 3.8
July 24th Panda 3.9
August 20th 3.91
September 18th Panda 3.9.2
August 10th – DMCA penalty
September 29th – EMD penalty
October 5th – Penguin 3.0, ~0.3% impact

Were you hit? What did you do to fix it, if you were?

Are Big Brands Still Hiring Spammers?

and do they know they’re hiring spammers? We know that JCP hired spammers, even though they claim ignorance (and I kinda believe that). Although this isn’t backlink buying, it’s still spam in my book, especially when it’s left as a comment on an SEO blog (mine!). Do these big brands know how HUGE of a “no-no” this practice is? Things like this are what gives the SEO industry the snake oil rap it has…

Image of Comment (caught by my spam filter):

Are big brands hiring spammers?

All links go to the MAIN site of the very famous hand-bag maker above. Notice the “no-follows”, that’s someone “in the know” I’d guess. Why would someone (some spammer) go out of their way to employ this tactic this without being hired and lastly… does this famous hand-bag maker even NEED backlinks? I’m sure if searched on his product name, one of his sites (with his very expensive products) will rank. It’s not backlink buying … but it’s certainly an effort to get backlinks (even if they are no-follow) to his MAIN SITE in a very spammy way. Puzzling at best.

Rant of the Day….

I’m having a F I T with Google+. I had 15, 5-star reviews on Google Places … but it seems like I’m not alone. I’ve been looking through forums on how to transfer this information, not just for myself… but my gosh… for like 100+ clients??? It’s like Google Places was really good and messed up and the “+” in G+ just means it’s MORE messed up. Groan!!!!!!

Good news however. I found this:

That review is clearly fake, written by an ex-employee, etc. — how can I get it removed from my listing?
There’s no guarantee we will remove it, but you can report it directly to Google Places support and we will investigate:

Link to form:
Select: I have verified > Yes > Reviews > My page features false or inappropriate reviews > Fill out the form, hit Submit, and await an e-mail response from a member of our support team.

I’ve had a lot of clients ask about, what appears to be, fake reviews on their Places Page (I’m not even sure what to call it now) – G+ Local? So there’s that. It seems like the G+ team has a LOT on their hands:!category-topic/business/technical-issue/mPz5bqu7ViM

This is all just a big ol D R A G.

Anyone have a clue out there? A vowel?

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