Ranking Reports – Useless??

I started a new page to archive information about ranking reports and I got to thinking [cue scary music] that the information was probably important enough to create a post about it. This way you’re aware of the new material 🙂 because I know you’re all out there waiting with baited breath.

Here’s an excerpt from the new Ranking Report page:

If a client’s rankings were to tank [which IS natural and WILL happen as all rankings fluctuate. The index is a DYNAMIC beast, not a STATIC one, that has a set of “rules” that also change over time], it would prompt me to perform some checks on the site, run some test, anything but a knee jerk “WE GOTTA CHANGE SOMETHING RIGHT NOW” reaction. Rankings certainly aren’t the end-all be-all when it comes to assessing the success of a site like they once were. Yearrrrrrrrrrs ago it was the only tangible thing you could show a client. Now we have all kinds of goodies to give them. Stats! Joy! When you analyze ALL of your site information (metrics, stats, signals, data) you’ll have a much better understanding regarding the overall “heath” of a site; something you can’t get from looking at a ranking report. SEO isn’t about ranking on that ONE VERY IMPORTANT PHRASE THAT “I KNOW EVERYONE IS SEARCHING ON”. Our jobs #1 is to EDUCATE THE CLIENT. Explain why it isn’t good to rank on *fuzzy yellow widgets* [their pet phrase] and instead rank on a phrase that has a good search volume, one that will bring TARGETED TRAFFIC and hopefully a new client/customer! Teach them about personas/scenarios – everyone does NOT search the same way. When you’re in that box you’re going to miss a lot of possible clients outside of the box that search COMPLETELY different than you and I. And trust me, they do. When you’re on the front line of keyword research, you realize just HOW differently a collection of people search for the SAME THING.

The rest can be found on the new ranking report page.

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