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Did you know that YouTube has this great keyword suggestion tool? As you know I’m a big keyword research person… All SEO projects start with keyword research. With that said, this tool can help you selected phrases that YouTube viewers are searching on (keep in mind that video searches CAN be different than Web searches!):

When doing your keyword research for your videos, don’t worry about the search volume, just select phrases that relate to your video and use them wisely!

There are three important areas you need to be mindful of: The title, the description and the tags. I have my tips for each below:


The title of your YouTube video is the most important piece of information that search engines see and use for ranking consideration of your video. You’ll want to use your researched keyword phrases here. Add enough words such that you don’t overfill the box you type in. Make sure you don’t use stop words (articles, pronouns: short list-and, the, an, a, at, as, about) as they don’t convey much information. Instead use words that best describe your video.


Write your description with both the search engines and humans in mind. Using keywords and descriptive phrases that best describes your video will help it to come up for a search. Second to the title, it’s the most important bit of information for search engines to use when evaluating your site for ranking consideration. Include your Website address (URL) in your description if you want to drive viewers there. If you want your Web site *clickable* add it to your description like this:

this will show up as an active link so people can click it.

There are 4 lines in the description field that you can type in before scroll bars appear. When crafting your description type up to 4 lines without going over. No more than 30 words too.


Tags are like the keywords you put in your keyword meta of a Web site. You’ll want to fill out the “tags” area with your researched keywords, keywords that related to your video. Use 5-7 relevant keywords here, no need to overload. The tags you put here are then used to display *related* videos to a viewer (if you share the same tags as a video someone is watching) which can garner more views. Add your tags in a logical order, the same way you would search on them, not randomly.


When your video is embedded into another Website it counts as an inbound link and can boost that video’s ranking. Therefore embed your video into your Website and encourage others to embed your video too!

This is a good article about optimizing your YouTube Video. Things I didn’t consider.

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