Creating the Best Page Title in the WORLD!

The page title is the biggest piece of SEO real estate on the page. It’s such an ART creating them… as in, there’s not guide that you follow to create that optimal title. If you 10 of the most bad-ass SEO’s in the same room, gave them all the same keywords phrases, a page relating to the subject of those phrases and say *create me a well crafted title* – I bet you shiny new quarter then won’t all be the same. We all do it different.

Once you have your list of researched keyword phrases, you’ll want to follow the guidelines below. If after a few months (we’re assuming you don’t have a brand new domain and a horrible site here…) you aren’t getting the results you expected (Or Google has just decided to change your title themselves, oh the horror!!!!) then examine external factors such as incoming links… do they have supporting anchor text? Is it all the exactly same? What about on page support? Do the incoming links correctly utilize proper anchor text as naturally as possible? The same anchor text? Did you select the right keyword phrases? Oh the fun of SEO… keep that backlink profile as natural and diverse as possible! I’m not much into the whole begging for backlinks, trolling forums to drop links… but for those that do, you may want to reread this paragraph.

  1. Your most important phrase should be added to the beginning of the title tag.
  2. After that, use 1-2 related keywords in such a way that they make sense. You can squeeze a lot of UMPH out of a few phrases! Oh the combinations one could come up with…
  3. Business name/Brand should be at the end of the title tag.
  4. The title tag should around 65-70 characters (with spaces). Are you over 70? Don’t sweat it… those phrases actually are seen by Google and get ranking consideration (did that test three diff time). Problem is… the users won’t see these phrases in the SERP as the title is cut off around 65-70 characters. THAT you can test for yourself. Easy Peasy.
  5. Every page title in your Web site should be unique while being relevant to the page in question. I should be able to read a title and know EXACTLY what that page will be about.
  6. Titles aren’t for stuffing… they’re for telling my users what the page is about.

As for Google renaming your titles (and I saw this myself on two different sites last week) these are thing things people are noticing:

The pipe “|” is replaced with hyphens. <--- I'm a hyphen girl, so no change there noticed Title reconstruction template by G seems to be [keyword phrase] – [company name] <--- This I saw for myself... Anyone else notice the renaming of titles????

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