Move over Google Places…. G+ has just stolen your (broken) thunder. As of this post the dust still hasn’t settled however I do have my author rel stuff and it even validates with a handy-dandy tool by Google.

I have to admit setting up G+ to show my rich snippets was a bit hairy and I consider myself fairly technical. At this point I’ll share all the links I read and used to help me achieve my goal.

Understanding Google Places & Local Search – Developing Knowledge about Local Search 6/19/2012
[Mike Blumenthal]

How To Add Rel Author Markup For Author Citations – 5/23/2012
[Koozai] // Video

Push rel=”author” through your head 6/11/2012
[Yoast – Yes… “That” Yoast {Joost}]

FAQ – Rich Snippets Time/Unknown

Confusion with Google+ Local Pages and Local Google+ Pages is Making SMB Heads Spin – 6/11/2012
[Catalyst eMarketing]

Google+ Local Pages Category Confusion – 6/11/2012
[Mike Blumenthal]

Authorship Markup – 8/9/2011
[Matt Cutts] // Video

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