Is Cuil Cool?

Today Cuil debuted… a new search engine that has been touted as possible threat to Google.  I’m not sure about that last bit… it seems like Yahoo or MSN would have overtaken the giant first, but you never know.  That’s one of the things that make this industry exciting.

Cuil seemed to be getting more of a bad rap than good one around the SEO forums/blogs today.  I tried some queries myself and wasn’t that impressed… but it’s the first day right?  I put in one of my phrases only to see my cilent’s banner come up with an unrelated site (on a result that wasn’t my site).  My site came up with some strange graphic I had never seen before.  When I put in a client’s main phrase, her banner showed up on a competitors site – Oi. I tried another query, then clicked the “2” at the bottom of the page and got a “page not found” type of message. The layout is certainly different from what we’re used to.  It seems unbalanced and that bothers my neurotic mind. One of their big claims is having more pages indexed than any other engine.. but a bag full of trash is a bag full of trash.  I never did get the “I have more pages indexed than you” battle.  There was also a mention that Cuil doesn’t put a lot of emphasis on backlinks.

Hopefully these are all just growing pains.  It’s nice to have competition out there, keeps everyone on their toes.

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