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So I’m trying out this blogging thing again (third time) after ~10 years since my first serious attempt (ouch). I dipped into WP around 2008 but that didn’t last long. This time I’m gonna stick it out dammit! Blog to the end! I’ve never been much of a writer… always found it to be a bit of a chore and that’s a big part of the problem… But I DO like information and data and stuff, so I might have a chance.

Way back when, I started writing about SEO and [brag] I actually had one of the first SEO blogs “out there” at the time. Around 2001 with the help of John Hembling (he programmed me a platform that I could blog from, there was no “Blogger/Blogspot” yet) I started writing about all the testing I was doing at the time (a LOT!) and I would re post stuff that I wanted to refer back to, sort of a resource on tap… a filing system to organize my data and the industry news (what little of it there was at that time). I even came up #1 for “SEO Blog”… how cool is that? [/brag] But alas… I don’t anymore (le sigh) and there’s some pretty kick-ass SEO blogs out there now days. Maybe I’ll post a list of my favs at some point.

Now I need to get serious. While I don’t want any ranking love necessarily, it’s not the purpose of this blog AT ALL… I DO want a place to post my resources and findings. I tweet, I E-mail, I save… but I need ONE PLACE for all those tidbits to be. THIS is where those bits of tid will reside. While I WILL create some of my own posts occasionally and write up some of my test results, a lot of this is going to be an archive of the “latest happenins’ in the SEO world [read: copy/paste from other SEO blogs] which will surely change by tomorrow. The constant change is one of the many reasons why I love this industry.

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Got a question? Have a thought you want to share? I’m always at the other end of some sort of device connected to the Internet. Like Metallica says “Sad but True”.

See ya at the top!


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