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SEO Link BuildingLink building is one of the MOST important off-page SEO practices that you should be doing for the LIFE of your Web site. Links come in many shapes and forms and even paid (which is a no-no, just ask JCP!). What’s a person to do? Link builders are awfully expensive people to employ but their job is crucial to your success. Below are some articles regarding this very necessary practice of link building.

Link Building Articles

3 Common Link Building Questions Answered By 4 Experts June 27, 2011
[Search Engine Land]

This pretty much reiterates everything I’ve ever preached:

Link Building For Life: Determining Lifetime Link Value May 18, 2011
[Search Engine Land]

Organizing Your Link Building Campaign – April 30, 2013
[Heroic Search]

What Makes an Effective Link Builder? May 18, 2011

Does Link Prominence On A Page Impact SEO? May 18, 2011
[Search Engine People]

The Lost Art of the Personal Link Request May 18, 2011
[Search Engine Watch]

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