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Here’s a little list of tools that I use pretty much on a daily basis to do my job. Nothing real exciting or glamorous… just tools that do a great job of getting me the data I need. I also have some *design* related tools as well. Keep in mind, no matter how good the tool, your data, the results – all your information and how you use it is only going to be as good as the person using said tools. No one tool can perform or complete SEO. The industry changes too fast for any tool to keep up. These are just tools you’d use like a hammer to build a house. The hammer can’t do it without the human and after all, if you can’t use a hammer, you probably can’t build a house.

Have a good tool you can’t live with out?
Send it to me and if I use it… I’ll give you a shout out!

All tools are free unless otherwise noted.

So here they are… this is just a start… I’ll be adding as I go along.


Back Link Profile w/Anchor Text

Backlink Research

Broken Link Check – has Xenu been around for years or what? Weird looking site but one of the best broken link check tools out there… a lot of our SEO Rock Stars even use it.

Keyword Research w/Local Geo Modifiers!
This is a new tool on the scene and I did play with it for a while before posting it here. Local Keyword Research Tool – so far looks like an excellent tool for generating “local” phrases (phrases with geographical modifiers). There’s just no metrics with the phrases….. yet! I’d like to see the marriage between this tool and KWD!

Open Site Explorer
An SEOMoz tool, so you know it rocks. These days it’s important to keep an eye on your backlink profile and how diversified it is. This tools shows you in depth information about your backlinks, the anchor text used, page authority of the site your link is on, no-follow info and much more. Free and paid accounts.

Site Map Generator (HTML)
Generates an HTML site map by taking the title of the page and the description of the page and building a nice HTML of em. I like having a site map built for me because I can do a spell check on it which checks my actual titles and descriptions. Yes… I’m the typo queen so this is one of my practices I do. This tool will also just pull all the URL’s and make a list for you – handy! It’s a download and my coworkers have download and used it with no problem. I’ve downloaded it for new computers and installs… however always use your virus software!

Site Map – XML
Nice and fast, been using this for years… adjust priority on the fly before the final product is created. Great tool.


Keyword Research
Keyword Discovery – One of the best Keyword Research Tools out there IMO… and there’s a testimonial by yours truly!


101+ SEO Experts Reveal Their Favorite SEO Browser Plugins/Extensions – compiled by

40+ SEO Tools of the Trade – compiled by Search Engine Watch.

List from the folks over at – Aaron Wall’s list.

Search Engine Journal – They have a nice list of their own.

Jill’s SEO Tools and Extensions – Great Collection!

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