Work & Life Balance – Working from Home Tips

One of my most excellent clients Joel Garfinkle, a Job Coach, has been helping me with the transition of working from home vs. working out of the home. I used to do 6 hours out of the house, the rest at home. He’s given me some Work Balance Tips which are some great pointers although I can’t do them overnight, he said my goal is to try to implement a few at a time… it’s a life style change, like a DIEt. Look at it as something that benefits YOU and YOUR WORK and YOUR FAMILY. My jaw dropped as I can’t fathom doing all these things hence him reassuring me I should adopt a few at a time. It’s a great list and makes sense. Hopefully it will help others.
Work Balance

¨ Time off: Take one day off a month

¨ Weekend: No computer, email, cell phone (related to work) on weekend.

¨ Vacations: Schedule two vacations.

¨ Block time: Schedule time for family, friends and partner.

¨ Breaks: Take two scheduled breaks a day.

¨ Hours: Work no more than 40hrs each week

¨ Cell phone: Turn off the cell phone (Blackberry) at 5:30pm.

¨ Exercise: Exercise four days a week.

¨ Home: Work from home two days a week

¨ Lunch break: Have lunch away from desk.

¨ End work: Finish work at 5:30.

¨ Start work: Start work at 9:30am

¨ Meditate: Spend 10 to 15 minutes each work day in quiet contemplation.

¨ Computer: Stop using the computer at 5:30pm (no email at night).

¨ Read: Read one non-work-related book or magazine for each work-related publication you read.

¨ Fun/play: Make time for fun/play (even during work week).

¨ Comp time: If put in more hours a few days, take the time off on another work day.

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